Unesco and World Bank say Zim does not have the highest literacy rate in Africa, not even in top 10

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Reports by UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics and the World Bank have seemingly debunked claims that Zimbabwe has the highest literacy in Africa. According to the two organisation, Zimbabwe is not even in the top 10 when it comes to literacy. On the 2015 World Bank ratings, Zimbabwe is number 11 with a literacy rate of 86.9 percent. Unesco also rated 10 other countries as having higher literacy rates than Zimbabwe in 2011. The Unesco rating is 83.6 percent.

According to Unesco:
1.Equatorial Guinea (94.2%)
2.South Africa (93%)
3.Seychelles (91.8%)
4.Libya (89.5%$)
5.Gabon (89%)
6.Mauritius (88.8%)
7.Swaziland (87.8%)
8.Burundi (86.9%)
9.Botswana (85.1%)
10.Cape Verde (84.9%)
11. Zimbabwe (83.6%)

Here are the World Bank ratings:

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  1. Richard Sauta says:

    This is most most interesting as it seems if a Government falls out with the West then the Literacy rates fall . How do they change so fast or is it that the educated in Zimbabwe all died because the Zimbabwe Government fell out with the West?What happened to all the educated Zimbabweans who where the most literate just a few months ago?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very doubtful indeed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately if you type in the highest literacy rates in Africa on the Internet you are as of 2015 getting Zimbabwe as the country with the highest literacy rate. So I don’t buy that those statistics have changed in such a short time, unless there is politics to this story, Period

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not even Tunisia. Suspicious.

  5. ZANU says:

    there farms were taken thats why the hate us there are no such stats,

  6. br says:

    How accurate&reliable was the system used to acquire these statistics?

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