This time we will not allow dead people to vote: ZEC urges people to trust it

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The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) all but admitted that  Voter’s Rolls used in previous elections were flawed and allowed rigging to take place. Zec Commissioner, Qhubani Moyo acknowledged that the previous Voter’s Rolls were not credible as they allowed unmanned parties to benefit from “ghost voters,” i.e. when politic parties inflate their vote count by including numbers from people who are already deceased or non-existent.  He also admitted that in the past there had been instances of people voting multiple times.

Said Qhubani Moyo

This time we won’t allow dead people to vote or voters to vote many times

The Biometric Voter Registration is expected to produce a more credible Voter’s Roll which is not easily compromised.  Moyo also urged citizens to trust the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission saying

If you dont trust us, then l don’t know whom you are going to trust.

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