Mwenezi East MP abandons projects a month after winning election

Posted by Tayana

Community Development and Tolerance Trust has accused Zanu-PF MP Joosbi Omar of abandoning his Mwenezi East constituency a month after being elected into office.

In a statement the pressure group said:

The district was once a hive of activity by Zanu-PF officials during the by-election campaign; however, unexpectedly, the party abandoned the community after Joosbi Omar, Zanu-PF candidate was elected Mwenezi East member of parliament. We are concerned why the road maintenance program has been abandoned just after elections. In ward 3, the road maintenance started from Musaverima and shortly ended at Mushezheveti village and in ward 2, the road refurbishment was done from Neshuro via Matande road and ended at Pfokonye Gomo in Matande village.

A meeting organised by the pressure group at Negari Primary school in the constituency revealed that the food aid and other handouts that were donated during the campaign period had stopped.



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