Even those who looted state resources are feeling the effects of corruption: Tsvangirai

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MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai has said that no one is safe from the poor economy including those who are looting State resources. Tsvangirai said despite massive looting from the state, the looters are failing to invest their money in a country with no liquidity.

Speaking at the workers day commemorations, Tsvangirai said:

There is no single sector which has no grievance against Zanu PF.

Even war veterans who we think are the stockholders of this country they have grievances against this government; even vendors are crying.

We are now all feeling the effects of corruption. Even those who were in the fore-front of looting state resources, because they are also failing to invest in the country which has no liquidity.

The problem that they are facing, I mean those who were stealing national resources then, is that they thought that they were going to invest but now all the investments they made through looting are going down the drain because of the economic crisis.

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