We will not have our Commander-in-Chief being belittled by nobodies: Chiwenga warns war veterans

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General Constantino Chiwenga, commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces has warned war veterans to stop belittling President Robert or risk being sent where they belong.  Chiwenga described the war veterans who keep appearing in the media as “nobodies” who did not do anything significant during the Second Chimurenga, and warned that “It is not too late for those who can hear.”  This follows an article in NewsDay in which war veterans threatened to remove President Mugabe for protecting Saviour Kasukuwere.

In an interview with state media newspapers Chiwenga is quoted as saying:

This must now stop, or we are going to send them to where they belong. If they want to remain as part and parcel of those disciplined, loyal, patriotic cadres, they must now understand that it is the party, it is the government that sets the direction.

The party commands the combatants and not vice versa. Hakuna mwana akagara nhaka, kana kutora tsvimbo dzababa, ivo baba vachiripo.

Here we are talking about how people, more specifically combatants, must behave.

They are supposed to be role models to the rest of society.

It is not too late for those who can hear.

But speaking on behalf of the Defence and Security Services of the country, this nonsense must now come to an end.

We will not have our Commander-in-Chief being belittled by nobodies, who never commanded any battle.

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