S.A. Police Minister backtracks on crime comments, says he was taken out of context

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South African Minister of Police Fikile has made an about turn on comments he made last week, in which he blamed Zimbabweans, particularly, ex-soldiers for committing crimes in South Africa. Mbalula is now claiming that his comments were taken out of context as he was only referring to two specific incidents.

Mbalula’s spokesperson Mr Vuyo Muhanga told The Sunday Mail

The statement was taken completely out of context.

When the minister was speaking he was speaking to two specific issues.

The first being about the crime in an incident involving the five men who were responsible for robbing a jeweller in Johannesburg that happened recently and this was only an isolated incident.

…Basically, it was not a blanket statement and needs to be properly qualified in its proper context. He was simply referring to one isolated incident.

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