Mphoko criticised for calling on army to intervene in Zanu-PF factional fights

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The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) has criticised Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s call on the army to intervene in Zanu-PF factional fights. The ZPP said that the military should not intervene in politics as its intervention will likely result in human rights abuses as shown by Gukurahundi.

Said ZPP:

It is clear that internal political party disputes do not constitute an emergency or natural disaster and any call for the military to be used in order to curtail the rights of ordinary citizens to pursue politics is unlawful.In the interest of peace and stability the ZPP condemns the invitation for the military to involve itself in internal ruling party politics and in civilian politics in general. Other political parties do not have the luxury of using the military to further their own political agendas and the military must be seen to be serving all citizens equally.

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