Gospel artist accused of having an affair with Mathias Mhere’s wife changes “cursed” surname

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Gospel musician, Gift Mahlupeka who was accused of having an affair with Mathias Mhere’s wife three years ago has changed his surname to Moyo citing that his old surname was cursed and could have been the reason why he was accused of  wrecking marriages.

Said Mahlupeka:

I believe my old surname was cursed and that is why I was wrongly accused of wrecking marriages including that of Mathias Mhere. Mahlupeka in Ndau loosely means suffering person and it is not surprising that it attracted a lot of misfortune for me. For this reason I have decided to drop the cursed name. In Christian culture we believe a good name attracts blessings while a cursed name repels them. The name Mahlupeka is negative and is not in keeping with my Christian beliefs.

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Gift MahlupekaMathias Mhere

Gift Mahlupeka is a Zimbabwean, based gospel musician who once worked with an award winning gospel musician Mathias Mhere. Mahlupeka stole the limelight when it was alleged that he was in love with Mathias Mhere's wife Susan Dzinamarira. Read More About Gift Mahlupeka

Mathias Mhere is one of Zimbabwe's best gospel artists. Mhere rose to prominence in 2012 with his album. "Anoita Minana" which carried the hit "Favour" which topped the gospel charts. Read More About Mathias Mhere


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