S.A Minister says Zimbos in S.A either work in kitchens or are criminals, claims it is not xenophobia

Fikile Mbalula the South African Police Minister has claimed that Zimbabweans, particularly ex-soldiers are responsible for most of the crime in South African. Mbalula claimed that the Zimbabweans enter South Africa illegally after running away from military service in the country, which he erroneously claimed was for life. Mbalula added that he was not being xenophobic as highly educated Zimbabweans were also working in kitchens in South Africa.

Addressing the media at the SAPS training centre in Pretoria, Mbalula said

There are people who come from Zimbabwe and cross the line here. They run away from the military in Zimbabwe and they come and promote criminality here in South Africa. That is the truth, where should I tell that truth?

And don’t confuse that to xenophobia, it’s not xenophobia. Zimbabweans are working for us in this country, very good Zimbabweans. They are working in our kitchens, they are everything and so on. Highly educated people. If there’s anything President [Robert] Mugabe did is to educate his people. The people who are working in your kitchens are doctors. They are more educated than you, from Zimbabwe.

…Then there is a group of these criminals who are from the army and they come here in this country, they rob, terrorise and they kill.

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