The answer is not bond notes says Nkosana Moyo

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Former industry and international trade minister Dr Nkosana Moyo has said that the bond notes are not the answer to Zimbabwe’s cash crisis.

In an interview with Capital26free Moyo said:

The answer is not bond notes, the answer is not stop the hemorrhage of where our money went and continues to go. Once we stop that the issue of bond notes will not even arise…somebody is responsible for our money disappearing from the banks and they need to give us an honest answer. When we dollarised, we literally, all of us without exception, zeroed our savings to nothing. So every dollar that is in my account, I earned from that day onwards…where did it go?

Moyo also said banks have to be honest and reveal where the money went arguing that if one deposits their money and it is not there it must have gone somewhere. He argues that either banks lent the money recklessly and lost it or gave it to someone.

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