Thief who got stuck in chimney sentenced to 36 months

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Andrea Zunga (33) the thief who got stuck for two days in a chimney in Bulawayo was convicted and sentenced to 36 months in prison. Zunga launched a spirited defence in which he claimed that he was merely accompanying his friends who had gone to collect their things in the office. Despite this, magistrate Ms Nyaradzo Ringisai found him guilty on the charge of unlawful entry and theft.

In passing sentence she said:

You will serve an effective 24 months in prison. You have to restitute complainant the sum of $400 within six months

You have been found guilty as you are charged. You planned to go and steal with other co-accused persons who are still at large but unfortunately you got trapped. In sentencing you, l considered that you are a first offender but you are a menace in our society and only a custodial sentence is appropriate for you.

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