Govt says hype around goat as fees is sign Zimbabweans did not understand concept

Speaking to ZBC News, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango said that the hype around the goat as fees is a sign Zimbabweans did not understand the concept.

Said Utete-Masango:

I must say people sometimes tend to laugh off at some serious issues without getting to understand the real meaning of the context behind the proposed policy. Look, a number of parents simply owe these schools and we are simply saying they can provide expertise and set off some of their debts. They can as well look around their environs by selling goats and cattle to set off such debts and it’s no laughing matter as most schools are now incapacitated because of these debts.

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Sylvia Utete-MasangoMinistry Of Primary And Secondary Education

Dr. Sylvia Janet Utete-Masango is a Zimbabwean politician and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Read More About Sylvia Utete-Masango

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Still we do not understand the concept. Still this is a nonsensical concept that people calling themselves doctors are applying.

  2. Wezhira wezhara wezhowezhowe Reply

    These are people talking from the comfort of their offices.Many questions need to be addressed here.Who is going to look after the goats? Who is going to pay the goat keeper? Who determines the price of the goats? Ko dzika flooder market price yodzika chikoro hachiiti loss here? Ko ma buyers?

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