Chinese companies conniving with Zimra officials to import blankets while paying less than 10 percent duty

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Chinese companies are disguising blankets as quilting kits in order to import them into the country without paying the full amount of duty. The companies end up paying between $4000 and $7 000 in duty instead of $70 000 for every 44-foot trailer. However, this can only be done with the help of corrupt Zimra officials.

Zimbabwe Textile Manufacturers Association secretary general Raymond Huni said:

We conduct yearly reviews on all the textile companies in the country to review their capacity. In the second week of March till the second week of April (last week) we discovered the practice of underwriting (under declaring) the value of blankets by blanket importers was being done

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is a government department which is responsible for the collection of state revenue in form of excise duty, customs duty, road tolls, corporate and civil taxes. In addition, it also facilitates trade, offers fiscal advise to the government as well as... Read More About ZIMRA


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