Hippos continue dying in Binga anthrax suspected but still to be confirmed

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Hippos continue dying in Binga, anthrax suspected but still to be confirmed

The number of dead hippos discovered along the Mlibizi river in Binga has gone up to 16. The cause of death is still to be determined although initial reports indicate that it could be anthrax. The authorities are also urging the villagers not to eat the meat after it was reported that hungry villagers were eating the carcasses and only leaving the intestines.

Forestry Commission Spokesperson, Ms Violet Makoto, said

Following the first report which was made on 27 March 2017, at least 16 hippos have died, being found floating in Mlibizi River in Kavira Forest.

According to some authorities, preliminary findings have shown that there were traces of bacteria that causes anthrax in the samples that were analysed and further investigations are underway

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