GMB already short charging farmers as Zimbabwe expects to harvest over 2,7 million tonnes of grain

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In an interview with The Sunday Mail on Good Friday, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Dr Joseph Made said Zimbabwe could harvest over 2,7 million tonnes of grain this season the largest since the land reform programme.

Made said that the Grain Marketing Board is already short charging farmers by requesting that they buy their own sacks and they deliver their own harvest. Said Made:

Our biggest worry right now is the behaviour of the Grain Marketing Board. I will not accept any dereliction of duty from them, and it is unfortunate that there are already signs that they are short-changing farmers by not providing them with sacks. There is even some talk that farmers should bring their harvest in August. GMB has not had a harvest of this magnitude for many years, so I really want to call upon them to get their act together and not to be found wanting. They should put their house in order forthwith.

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Joseph MadeThe Grain Marketing Board

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The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is a state owned commodity trading enterprise that deals in cereals and oil seeds, the provision of logistic services to the agricultural industry as well as processing of products. The board's main objective is to ensure national food security through... Read More About The Grain Marketing Board


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