Matabeleland provinces have highest HIV prevalence rates

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According to the latest statistics from the Health and Child Care ministry, the two Matabeleland provinces have recorded the highest HIV prevalence rates in the country. Matabeleland South remains the hotspot for HIV and Aids after recording the highest HIV prevalence rate for 2016.

Rudo Kuwengwa, a Medical officer (Aids and TB unit) in the Health and Child Care ministry, said

Matabeleland South has the highest prevalence of HIV at 21%. This may be attributed to the fact that there is a very busy border town and there is a lot of movement and mining activities there. There is a very big mobile population and this may also have led to it having the highest new infections.

The country’s average HIV prevalence stands at 14,6%, having declined from a peak of 28% in 1997, according to statistics from the ministry.

HIV prevalence rates in order
1.Matabeleland South 21%
2.Matabeleland North 17,6 %
3.Masvingo 12,9%
4.Bulawayo 14,3%
5.Midlands 15%
6.Mashonaland East 15,2%
7.Harare 12,8%
8.Mashonaland Central 11,9%
9.Mashonaland West 13,2%
10.Manicaland has the 10,5%

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