Govt compensates Chiyangwa for the loss of his 587-hectare Stoneridge farm

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Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) president Philip Chiyangwa has been compensated by government for the loss of his 587-hectare Stoneridge farm after he was given two pieces of land in Harare’s Manyame suburb and a portion of the farm.|

In a March 31 letter Local government permanent secretary Mr George Mlilo wrote that:

Ministry is currently finalising the allocation and transfer of Tantallon Estate (Tantallon)… equivalent in size to your farm Subdivision A of Stoneridge measuring 586 896 hectares. The portion of Amalish (measuring roughly 40 hectares)… where you have expressed interest to have it excised will form part of the settlement discussed.

Chiyangwa had actually lost two properties under Herbert Murerwa’s Lands ministry in 2010 and when Mugabe’s government sought to compulsorily acquire the Stoneridge farm – registered under the title or deed number 5021/07, Chiyangwa approached the courts, thus sparking a legal battle that was only settled through negotiations.

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Herbert MurerwaPhilip Chiyangwa

Herbert Muchemwa Murerwa is a Zimbabwean politician. The Zimbabwean economy saw difficult times during Murerwa's recurrent tenure as Finance Minister. Murerwa is the current chairman of Zesa. Read More About Herbert Murerwa

Dr.Phillip Chiyangwa is a Zanu-PF politician, businessman, actor, socialite, football administrator and controversial personality in Zimbabwe. Chiyangwa is the current President of ZIFA and COSAFA. Read More About Philip Chiyangwa


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