Opposition vows to defy police orders if refused permission to march in central Harare

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Opposition parties which have united under the under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) banner have vowed to stage protests in central Harare with or without police permission. Nera decried the hypocrisy of the system which has never stopped Zanu PF from protesting at any time or location.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters at Freedom Square Wednesday, NERA Legal Chairman and MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora said:

So, the next time we give police a notice to demonstrate and they deny us the opportunity to do so, we will ignore their orders and demonstrate
We are not allowed to demonstrate and yet Zanu PF is allowed to demonstrate anywhere, anytime whilst for opposition we go through many processes just to gather and address our people. From now on, it is Itai Dzamara Square!

But we cannot continue to be suppressed by a black government. We are predominantly black people and we cannot allow oppression by black on black.

Zanu PF is demonstrating everyday against itself and opposition has not been allowed a chance to do so, this is unacceptable.

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