Chief to “force” parents to sell their livestock to clear school fees arrears

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Speaking to villagers during a Cotton Company of Zimbabwe awareness campaign, Chief Mabika of Bikita in Masvingo province, revealed that he has asked schools under his jurisdiction to avail names of parents who have school fees arrears as he intends to force them to sell their goats and cattle so as to clear the arrears.

Chief Mabika said parents in his area are neglecting the payment of school fees a development that has seen schools engaging him for a quick recovery of the funds. He said it is unfortunate that parents do not see the value of financing the education of their children hence his decision to deploy his village police to collect livestock to be sold to clear arrears at surrounding schools.

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Masvingo Province

Masvingo Province is one of Zimbabwe's ten provinces. It covers mainly the south-eastern parts of the country and its administrative capital is Masvingo city. The province was previously known as Victoria Province in colonial Rhodesia. Read More About Masvingo Province


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