Kombi’s against new tax system say govt should ensure even playing field

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The Zimbabwe Union of Drivers and Conductors (ZUDAC) has decried the introduction of a new presumptive tax of $45 per month. The government recently introduced a new presumptive tax system which targets mainly the informal system. ZUDAC said the tax system would put additional pressure on drivers due to the uneven playing field. They cited factors such as illegal tax operators (mshika-shika).

ZUDAC chairperson Mr Fradreck Maguramhinga yesterday said:

As ZUDAC we are not in support of the introduction of this new tax that Government has imposed on kombis.

We have so many other monies being paid to enable us to operate on a day-to-day basis, hence the introduction of this tax will increase the burden,

…For those kombis following the correct channel of being in the ranks, they rarely have three trips a day, which is not sustainable..

Yesterday, the government recently scrapped the 10 percent duty on tobacco farmers after the farmers threatened not to sell their crop

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