Paralysed bus crash victim appeals for assistance

Margaret Moyo, a 62-year-old Bulawayo woman is appealing for financial assistance. Moyo suffered a broken spine when a Dokotela bus she was traveling in plunged off a bridge into the Gwayi River in 2003. She is appealing for food and other essentials.

Life is hard, as you can see, we live in a hallway. I cannot call this a room because it is the passage to every other room in the house, being central. I cannot move, so I use this peanut butter bottle to urinate in and that bucket over there to relieve myself. This room is the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, bedroom and lounge all in one. My husband was retrenched from work and life is just unbearable.

Well-wishers can contact the family on 0774 780 751

Unfortunately, we do not have the rights to Ms. Moyo’s images.

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