Grade 7 pupil raped to repay father’s debt

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An Islamic religious leader, James Gande (31), reportedly raped a 14-year-old congregant, saying she had to pay her father’s debt through being intimate with him. Gande is said to have raped the Grade Seven pupil at a mosque after threatening to stab her with a knife he was holding.

He appeared before Ms Barbra Chimboza, charged with rape and was released on $100 bail and was ordered to report twice a week to the police and to surrender his passport. On March 25 in Waterfalls, the minor was leaving the mosque after attending afternoon prayers in the company of four friends before Gande asked her to remain as they were about to walk out of the premises.

The prosecutor Ms Linda Gadzikwa alleged that Gande lied to the victim that he wanted to give her a parcel for her father and after ordering the minor’s friends to leave the premises, Gande allegedly took her to a guardroom behind the church. While in the guardroom, he told the minor that her father owed him something, which he did not disclose. The court heard Gande, pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the victim if she screamed and proceeded to rape her.

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