Government introduces taxes for hairdressers, kombis, cross borders, driving schools, taxi cabs

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According to last Friday’s Gazette the government has introduced taxes for most informal businesses such as taxi cabs, commuter omnibuses, hairdressers cross-border traders among others. The new wave of taxes take effect from January 1 2017 and were brought into being by the Finance Act 2017.

The taxes will be as follows

Hairdressers: $10 per chair per month

Informal Cross border traders:  10 percent of the value of the goods imported.

Commuter Omnibuses – 15-25 passengers : $45 per month

Commuter Omnibuses – 26-36 passengers : $70 per month

Driving Schools (class four vehicles) :  $100 per month

Dviving Schools (class one and class two vehicles): $130 per month

Taxi cabs (seating up to 7 passengers ): $25 per month per taxi cab

Goods Vehicles carrying between 10 tonnes and 20 tonnes: $200 per month

Goods Vehicles carrying more than 20 tonnes: $500 per month

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