Govt resumes reducing farm sizes in Midlands Province

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Speaking during Zanu-PF Midlands Provincial Coordinating Committee on Development, Midlands Provincial Lands Officer Ms Kudzayi Katiyo said Government has resumed the farm downsizing exercise to enable more people to benefit from the land and ensure maximum utilisation of farms. She also revealed that Midlands Province has 12 000 people on the waiting list.

Said Katiyo:

We are now on the second phase of the land allocation exercise. Under the second phase we will be downsizing farms that exceed recommended maximum farm sizes. In the Midlands Province the standard farm size is 500ha. This exercise started in 2015 but was suspended. In 2016 we started compiling the reports of why we had decided to reduce the sizes of farms. I would want to inform you that we have finished the exercise and the downsizing exercise has resumed. This will be followed by land allocation. We are going to be prioritising youth, women and liberation war veterans.

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