POSB records $9, 68 million profit after taxes

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The People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) reported a 22 percent increase in after-tax profit to $9, 68 million in the full year to December due to increased revenue streams through introduction of new revenue generating products  and cost containment measures.

Net interest income increased by 28 percent from $9,5 million in the previous year to $12,2 million while fees and commissions income increased by 4 percent to $21,8 million. As a result, net operating income increased by 8 percent from $32, 9 million in the previous year to $35, 57 million. Net impairment charges declined from $1, 35 million in the previous year to $1, 26 million while operating expenses rose four percent from $25 million in the previous year to $25, 9 million as a result of increased business growth.

Cost to income ratio improved from 76 percent in the previous year to 73 percent on the back of growth in income which outweighed the increase in operating expenses. Total assets rose by 22 percent from $134 million recorded in 2015 to $164 million. Deposits increased by 22 percent to $115 million from $94 million in the previous year attributed to increased visibility. However, loan and advances to customers fell from $78, 2 million in 2015 to $72,9 million in a bid to mitigate default risk. The loan to deposit ratio declined to 58 percent from 78 percent in 2015.

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