Mujuru claims she was endorsed to succeed Mugabe before her ouster from Zanu PF

Speaking at the London School of Economics on Tuesday Joice Mujuru said that she had been endorsed by Zimbabweans to succeed President Robert Mugabe before people plotted her ouster from Zanu PF.

Said Mujuru:

When it became apparent that I was the clear successor to President Robert Mugabe, men seemed not ready for that, although the nation had fully endorsed my candidature. What is sad in these cases  of persecution and abuse of women is that men find willing accomplices in some of own fellow women. This was the case in Zimbabwe where those in the forefront of side-lining me where women.

However Mujuru’s claim that she had been endorsed to take over from Mugabe was dismissed by Joram Gumbo, Mandi Chimene, Pupurayi Togarirepi and Kudzanai Chipanga. Her former ally Rugare Gumbo dismissed her claim stating that he did not know what she was saying.

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