Anti-Riot Police save officer who threw spikes under full commuter omnibus from angry mob

Anti-riot police had to be called to protect their fellow officers from an angry mob in Bulawayo. This happened after a female officer had thrown spikes under a moving commuter omnibus which was full of passengers along Herbert Chitepo Street.

This infuriated the passengers, other motorists and touts threatened to beat up the police officer and her colleagues manning the road block. Sensing that the situation could escalate quickly the other police officers at the roadblock quickly called for reinforcements. The anti-riot police arrived and escorted their colleagues to the safety of Drill Hall Police Station.

The driver of the affected vehicle spoke to the Chronicle saying:

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I was approaching the robots and was travelling at a speed not exceeding 20km/h. A female officer just threw the spikes under the right rear wheel. I was carrying passengers and we could be talking of deaths had I been speeding. This car has number plates, it’s a Tshova-Mubaiwa they could have traced me if I tried to escape but I was not escaping.

I asked them to explain why they threw the spikes but they could not justify the dangerous act. I don’t know the crime that I committed.

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