Video: Olinda tells Ruvheneko that she suffered miscarriage while shooting the first Facebook Live video

During an interview with media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, Olinda Chapel claimed that she suffered a miscarriage when she was recording her first Facebook Live video. Olinda was speaking on her life and her marital problems with her now former husband Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme.

She claimed that at that point in time, Stunner did not know that she was pregnant. When she started bleeding she stopped the video, and Stunner’s cousins who were present helped her into the bathroom where they helped her to clean up.

Olinda further claimed that when she, later on, appeared on camera holding pills, threatening suicide, she had just cleaned up. She said that at that particular moment she may have been suffering from temporary insanity and was possibly in a trance due to the “hurt” that she was experiencing.

Olinda further claimed that she did not tell her husband about what had just happened because she was so angry with him. They only got to talk about the issue a few days before today’s interview. However, she conceded that Stunner was told by one of his cousins of the miscarriage. He chose to keep quiet over the issue, preferring not to bring it up unless Olinda brought up the issue.

You can watch the full video here


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