Woman surrenders daughter to church founder as tithe

Convictions Mapfumo from Sally Mugabe Heights in Harare, has given her child, who is now in Grade Three, to Holy Baptist Apostolic Church founder Bishop Susan Ziki Dube, who has assumed the role of the mother while the daughter assists in the church. This comes after Mapfumo suffered four miscarriages that almost destroyed her marriage.

Said Mapfumo:

After my struggle to conceive, I decided to give this child to God as a tithe to thank Him for answering my prayers. I was prayed for by the leader of the church. I have also given myself to working in this church because there is nothing more I can give to God for what He has done for me.I was prompted to give this child because even in conceiving I did not know I was pregnant. In addition during the period of the pregnancy people would come to Mrs Ziki and give her preparation for the child. By the time the child was born she had more than she needed in terms of preparatory items. So I felt convicted in my heart to give her away to the work of God.

The child has now assumed Bishop Ziki Dube’s surname and addresses her as mother, while Mapfumo has assumed the role of aunt. Mapfumo said she registered her church leader as the mother of the child on the birth certificate.

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