Ruvheneko’s full statement on allegations that she is abusing state resources

I am a Parirenyatwa. This is a blessing and a curse. Without explaining much I will say this: I am not sorry for who I am by birth. What I will explain, because it seems to have affected my personal journey as Ruvheneko, is this: I work for everything that I am as a media practitioner.

I have a set that is at the School of Health Sciences. It is there because anyone can pay rent there to shoot whatever they need to shoot. I’ve just embarked on my solo career since I left formal employment. I don’t have the resources or capacity yet to build or buy my own location to house my own studio. My production team looked high and low for me for the best place to shoot season 1 of “Ruvheneko.” They led me to the School of Health Sciences. I did not even know they had this facility. I met the team there, I made a down payment, I shot my first episode at the Meikles Hotel because it is beautiful there and it was fitting for the Minister of Tourism and the Hospitality Industry.

I will host shows in various locations based on who my guests are. My second episode was on my set, at the School of Health Sciences, where one pays an amount each time they shoot. My father, until I sent him messages that were going around speculating and critiquing my set location, did not know that’s where my set was located. He had and has nothing to do with me using it. It is open to the public and I am the public, as Ruvheneko. I do not and never have abused any health facility or education facility because of who my father is. This is my truth. I understand that there are life-size issues in Zimbabwe that can be blamed on the current government – and yes – my father as a senior member of this very government, but what I will not accept is being judged as though I am abusing the potential opportunities my father’s position can impose on such institutions. I am me. He is him. The government is the government. I am doing my job. I have not asked for anything for free. I have not displaced any students or clients in that institution because of “who my father is.” Believe this. It is THE truth. I hope that those that appreciate my work will respect me as Ruvheneko and separate me from the perception and sad truths in some instances that those in power in our country, together with their direct blood relations can and have abused public funds or facilities.

I am Ruvheneko. Until I do or say anything ‘below board’, by all means, attack, judge and vindicate me because I will be guilty and deserving. For now, let me do my job and let me be Ruvheneko. I won’t succumb to social media slander and abuse. I can’t be abused because I am not the government itself. I am an easy target because of how exposed I have made myself. I am easily accessible and I understand that with the frustration many of us have as Zimbabweans I am a ‘nice’ place to dump on and send hate mail to. I’ll take the bullets because I am a Parirenyatwa. But I am not my father, although I am proudly his daughter. He is my father FIRST. He is the Minister of Health and Child Care, in MY eyes, second to that. I get it. I get how the location of my set raised eyebrows, but hear MY truth and compare it with the facts then allow me to continue, until I have fault. I’m sorry that the state of our nation has made us all question every last thing that is or is affiliated with the current government. I get it. The next episode of “Ruvehenko” will be on and paid for in full this Thursday 16 February 2016 #RuvhenekoLive #CryMyBeloved

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