Mujuru is not intelligent, is only fit for housework and got far because of husband’s surname: Bhasikiti

Former Zanu-PF member and one of the self-styled “elders” of Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) party, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti launched a scathing attack on his former comrade in arms and party president Joice Mujuru.  In an interview with state-controlled newspaper, The Herald, Bhasikiti claimed that Mujuru only got as far as she did in anything  because she was riding on the surname of her late husband and war hero Solomon Mujuru.  Bhasikiti said that Mujuru’s surname was the only remarkable thing about Joice Mujuru, and described her as “not intelligent.”

Speaking to The Herald, Bhasikiti said:

Our problem in this country and in our culture is that we think that fame and achievements of a husband can transfer to the wife. The name Mujuru became famous because of Solomon (the late Mujuru) who was the commander of the armed forces. We thought that this was the same for his wife.

We didn’t know that even President Mugabe had seen that when he made her Vice President there was nothing of substance there and that Mujuru was the name of the husband. What is inside her is from her Mugari side. So Joice Mugari is different from Mujuru.

We only understood this when we gave her this post and asked her to work. We saw that the mettle of Mujurus was different from that of the Mugaris. Mugari is a person who is only fit for housework.

He also added that Mujuru was not fit to lead anyone, and gave examples of her supposedly poor performances in public interview with publications.  According to Bhasikiti, the party leadership recognised early on that Mujuru was an incapable leader.

But you’ve all seen what happens when Mai Mujuru goes on an international news platform and speaks on her own. Outside people ended up asking why she was being made a leader when she is incapable.

He also added that Mujuru was a mere w”worker” who had been brought on to be the figurehead of the party.  Hence, she had no authority to expel the founding members of the party.  Said Bhasikiti

How can a person who has been given a job throw out the owners of the company? She is not intelligent. Going forward, people will realise that she is not the person you want to follow.

More: Read the full interview here

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