Economic Freedom Fighters’ full response to Zimbabwean Govt’s defense of Mugabe’s continued stay in power

The EFF rejects the defense of President Mugabe by the Zimbabwean Government’s Communications as evidence of the very fact of personality cult amongst them. After failing to provide sound defense from our criticism of their blind worship of President Mugabe. ZANU-PF has now resorted to using government platforms.
We want to state without any fear of contradiction that we reject the phenomenon of “lead to the grave” that ZANU-PF has created out of President Mugabe. In defense of this phenomenon all ZANU-PF and now the Zimbabwean government has said is that EFF and GIG Julius Malema are irrelevant. The question is why then take government time and resources to respond to irrelevant things? The truth is they have taken time to respond precisely because our criticism has actually heat home.
There is no amount of propaganda that can change the fact that President Mugabe is old and should not be working in the high office of President. What is worse is that ZANU-PF has even nominated him as their presidential candidate for 2018 elections.
We will never tell lies; ZANU-PF is afraid of the truth and they all live a lie. But all lies have short legs and now they are exposed because they actually have no political reasons why they have kept President Mugabe in power even when he cannot physically do it. They also have no actual defense to our charge that theirs is a politics of personality cult.
We love President Mugabe than all those ZANU-PF cowards who surround him because we tell him the truth. The EFF are the only ones that actually care for the old man; we are caring enough to tell him to go rest and hand in the baton to others.
The African Revolution must disabuse itself from the politics of personality cult and the reactionary phenomenon of “lead to the grave”; the time for President Mugabe to step down passed a long time ago. In the word of the CIC Julius Malema. we repeat that “grandpa. you must let go”!



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