Obert Mpofu’s company sued by Total Zimbabwe for $32 000 debt

Total Zimbabwe has sued Kanhondo Safaris and Tours over a $32 000 fuel debt.  Kanhondo Safaris and Tours is owned by the Minister of  Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Obert Mpofu.

Total Zimbabwe issued summons claiming that Kanhondo Safaris is refusing to pay $31 999 for fuel which was already supplied.

Part of the summons reads:

Plaintiff supplied diesel to defendant and an invoice was raised in the sum of $31 999 and same was delivered to defendant for settlement. Defendant did not pay in terms of the invoice despite numerous demands that were done by plaintiff.

However, Kanhondo disputed this and entered an appearance to defend saying that the summons was ambiguous.  In the appearance to defend Kanhondo said:

What are the salient terms of the agreement? How much diesel was to be delivered and what were the intervals of payment? Was any payment ever made, how much diesel was supplied and over what period and what was the price per litre.

The matter is still pending at the courts

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