Econet claims they were setup by Supa, NetOne and Telecel, urge government to take action against Supa

Econet Wireless who have been on the receiving end of bad press lately due to the high tariffs they had introduced, released a hard-hitting press statement attacking Minister of Information Communication Technology Supa Mandiwanzira.  Econet accused the Minister of colluding with NetOne and Telecel in order to set up Econet and discredit them.

Econet accuses Mandiwanzira of lying when he sent a tweet saying he was unaware of what was going on.  Econet says the exercise was

driven by the Regulator with the full knowledge and participation of the Minister

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Econet goes on to add that the floor tariff exercise was

in fact a farce and a set up intended by the Minister and or Competitors who we under the Minister’s control to portray the new Director General of Potraz in bad Iight and to portray Econet as gluttonous and insensitive to the public.

The telecoms company also goes on to say that Supa Mandiwanzira was lying and misleading the nation when he reversed the data tariffs.  The claim that their board had already ordered them to do so and that Mandiwanzira only did it to preempt their move.

To anticipate our reversal of the data tariff increases. The Minister, who is supposed to be on leave published a notice in the press in which he claimed to have reversed the tariff increases. This is false and misleading. Up to the time we did the roll back no such reversal had boon communicated to us. Our reversal of the tariff increases followed a directive by our own Board.

Finally, Econet accuses Mandiwanzira of being biased against them and he is always looking for opportunities to discredit them. They urge the government to take action against the Minister.

We urge the Government of Zimbabwe to move decisively against the capture of this all-Important industry by an individual who has such inconsistency and duplicity. Since his appointment to this Ministry, he has behaved as if he is the Minister of the Government owned entities alone, and has been relentlessly attacking us without just cause

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