Ruvheneko breaks barriers with Exclusive interview with Stunner on Facebook Live [UPDATED]

Radio personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is set to break broadcasting barriers with an exclusive interview with Stunner.  Ruvheneko, who left Supa Mandiwanzira‘s ZiFM last.  This could mark a new era, where journalists are not limited by physical boundaries.  Where all they need is be on Facebook Live, without worrying about approval from bosses.  Stunner has been in the media lately for the wrong reasons.

He is having marital problems with his wife Olinda Chapel who had a meltdown on Facebook Live.




  • Stunner insisted that he did not owe his fans any explanation for what happened in his house.
  • When pressed he said that only his wife Olinda could explain to the public why she made the issue public.
  • Stunner admitted that he cheated on Olinda, but declined to give details of how many times or how many women.  He said he would only explain and apologise to his wife, and not to everyone else.
  • He also said that they were traditionally married and not yet legally married.
  • Stunner insisted that he never left the house and that he never put a hand on his wife.



  • He said although he cheated with the girl, he was not in a relationship.
  • He gave an example of someone who picks up a hooker, saying it does not mean that there is a commitment
  • He admitted that he “blessed” people with stuff that he does not need


  • He admitted that his wife earned more than he did although he tried to deny that she was the breadwinner.
  • When asked if he had other sources of income apart from Music, Stunner said he did other things but refused to disclose.
  • However, he felt that he feels that he is at the same level as his wife or anyone else who he chose to be with.
  • He said that before



  • Stunner insisted that he would rather play for 2 loyal fans than a thousand fans who wished to see his downfall.
  • He apologised to his fans saying he did not wish for them to be involved in this whole fiasco.



  • Stunner sensationally revealed that women are after him.  That they are texting him and calling him.
  • He refused to reveal his totem (Mutupo) saying that he was afraid of being bewitched.
  • Stunner started crying saying that he was hurt that Zimbabweans hate him.
  • He said that he was more than angry that his wife had gone on Facebook
  • He said that he could not apologise because she had already taken her revenge by going on Facebook and soiling the Chideme name.
  • Stunner also seemed to dodge answering the question “do you love your wife?”
  • He had be asked the question three times before saying I love my wife.


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