Carl Joshua Ncube’s Tips on how to survive 2017 [FULL]

Things are getting super tough in Zimbabwe and so I am dedicating my time to giving people some relatively useful tips on how to survive Zimbabwe. Please note that my solutions do not suit everyone, just those that are willing to take the time out to think outside the box.

I am a born again Christian so my connection to God is very important to surviving such a harsh and hostile environment like Zimbabwe. Spirituality give you clarity, answers, perspective. Spirituality has a way of taking you away from your problems and seeing things the way your God see’s them.

2. Grow your own food
Most Zimbabweans have enough space to grow their own food and I mean 2m X 2m will make a huge difference. Growing your own food is going to save you but it also will teach you a lot of lessons about determination and survival. If you do not have the space then find someone who does, ask, the worst they can say is “NO”. Community Farming is a great idea, join forces with friends to grow things you need and trade with each other or share.

3. Find Alternative Revenue Streams
Remember if you are like me you are Zimbabwean and probably unemployed. Find other ways to make money. Start by learning how to sell today. Start small, you won’t regret it later. Three or four revenue streams at a time is a good idea. Sell airtime anything to get you to understand REVENUE and COSTS as soon as possible.
4. Work from home
Do not rush to starting a company and getting offices. Start working from home. Only work with clients that understand and have no problems with this. The time to worry about how you look is not now. You need to reduce your overheads completely. Benefits of working from home is that the business will pay for your living expenses at the end of the day.
5. Use technology
Make sure you are using technology to do majority of your tasks. Like whatsapp, facebook, twitter are all very powerful tools. Use those to grow your business or brand and remember technology connects you to the world and technology can teach you much more.
6. Mind your own business
Majority of our costs come from wanting to get involved in other people’s lives too much. Focus on your small unit and don’t get involved in drama. Drama costs so much money so stay clear and save yourself a lot of money. Do not get into doing things for appearance sake, ask yourself if you really need to go to that family meeting or if you really need to be having an argument with people in whatsapp groups or facebook.
7. Community
The more stuff you do in your own neighbourhood the more money you save and the more you enrich each other. Host farmers markets at your home. Social gatherings in walking distance, buy from your local shop, car pool, food banks, church in walking distance all these community things will save you money in the long run, even drink within walking distance.
8. Recycle
Recycle as much as you can, repurpose, reuse. Every little counts. The more you do that with water, electricity, waste management you make your life a little better.
9. Get off the grid
Invest every little you have to getting off the grid. Use less council water by investing in borehole (eventually) or inverters, solar panels, solar lights, energy saving bulbs, solar geysers. Try and find alternatives to the grid, wean yourself over time. Make it a plan that starts today you will get there eventually.
10. Change your social life
I can’t emphasise this enough. My wife and I used to think we needed to go out a lot then we started hosting our friends at our home instead. People would come and bring food and drink and we would hangout more at home. Movie nights, game nights etc with people in your neighbourhood will save you a lot. For example a bottle of WHISKY at home is $19 in a bar is $3/tot.

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