Mayor blames Zinara for potholes, tells residents to prepare themselves as more are coming

Posted by Maveriq

Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has blamed Zinara for the potholes on the city’s roads. Manyenyeni advised residents that the situation is only going to get worse and advised drivers not to exceed 60 km/h on any road.  He accused the parastatal of sabotaging local authorities through the inadequate allocation funds.  Zinara is responsible for licensing vehicles but has faced severe criticism for failing to put to good use the collected revenue.

Manyenyeni posted on his Facebook page:

This is your baby [Zinara]. Council is out of it! Harare motorists, brace yourselves for high-risk driving.

Potholes are popping up — excuse the sarcasm —everywhere. No road is safe above 60km/hour — certainly in Harare and quite likely countrywide

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