ZRP to clamp down on civilians wearing “Camouflage Uniforms”

Posted by Maveriq

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is set to clamp down on the wearing and selling of camouflage by “unauthorised” people.  This comes after the festive season saw an increase in the shops selling camouflage styled clothing resulting in a lot of the youths wearing fashionable clothes with camouflage patterns.

The police and the military were not amused by this sudden increase in the number of people of people wearing military-style clothing as it is against the law.  Section 99 of the Defence Act and section 32 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act prohibit civilians from wearing any sort of camouflage.

According to a directive circulating on social media, police have been ordered to:

…ensure that culprits who wear and sell camouflage uniforms are brought to book without fail

Here is the alleged directive



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