Former NetOne boss in base stations scandal

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Former NetOne boss Reward Kangai reportedly caused the installation of base station towers at relatives’ homes for them to get rentals from the parastatal. In some instances the beneficiaries are said to have received huge payments in advance, it has emerged.

A forensic report released recently indicates that one of the beneficiaries is Mr Kangai’s aunt, Ms Joyce Kangai of Goodhope, Harare. NetOne has a standard template for lease agreements with landlords on whose properties it builds base station towers. Part of the report reads:

We noted a memorandum dated March 3, 2014 in which Mr Wenga (a NetOne employee) was requesting Mr Kangai to approve the acquisition of a base station site for Stand 103 Goodhope, Harare. Mr Kangai referred the approval to other NetOne directors citing that Ms Kangai was his aunt and thus he was unable to approve the acquisition. NetOne, represented by Mr Tarupuwa, entered a lease agreement on March 20, 2014 with Ms Kangai noted as the lessor on the agreement.

A review of the NetOne board minutes for the period January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2015, showed that Kangai never declared his relationship with Ms Kangai to the board. It would have been appropriate for Kangai to refer the approval of the lease agreement to the board rather than have his subordinate authorise the transaction.

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