Kasukuwere denies being G40, says 3 people cannot make a faction

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Saviour Kasukuwere, the Zanu PF political commissar and Minister of Local Government has denied the allegations that he is part of the G40 faction.  Kasukuwere, together with  Professor Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao have frequently been accused by the media of being part of G40.  This is a  faction opposed to Emmerson Mnangagwa.  Kusukuwere however, said that he was friends with Zhuwao and Moyo.  He also said the three were classmates studying law together at the University of Zimbabwe.

Speaking to the Standard Kasukuwere said:

When you are three, you cannot be called a faction.  We are just friends. Why don’t you call us friends, instead of faction? Zhuwao is a colleague. I have been working with Cde Zhuwao since time immemorial.

We have been youth league members. It’s not only Cde Zhuwao who I am friends with. Professor Moyo is my friend, colleague minister

I have colleagues that I work with on a day-to-day basis and with Zhuwao and Cde Moyo, we study in the same class. We are contemporaries. We are classmates. It doesn’t make us a faction.

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