MDC-T legislator says there is need to re-open debate on giving school children condoms & safe abortions

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Health and Child Care Parliamentary Portfolio Committee chairperson, Ruth Labode has said there is need to re-open debate over the distribution of condoms in schools in view of the revelations that thousands of children are falling pregnant every year.

Speaking to NewsDay Labode said:

What the minister presented is just the tip of an iceberg because what he did not state to us is how many young girls die from illegal abortions as there are so many of them. We need a serious national dialogue to discuss whether we take the European way, where schools have condom kiosks, and also the issue of safe abortions because the high figures of maternal mortality are also caused by abortions and under-age girls giving birth.

Labode also said that many girls were dying from backyard abortions hence the need to discuss the issue of safe abortions.

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