Five things you probably did not know or have forgotten about candidate for CJ, Luke Malaba

  1. Justice Malaba got his law degrees in 1974 from the University of Warwick and in 1982 from the University of Zimbabwe.
  2. Justice Malaba has also held an appointment as a judge of the COMESA Court of Justice.
  3. Justice Malaba become the first Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court under Constitutional Amendment Act Number 18 in 2008.
  4. Justice Malaba also wrote the judgment in the case where citizens were challenging ZBC’s powers to levy the licence fee. He ruled that ZBC’s powers were not unlawful.
  5. In a 2013 case in which Jealousy Mawarire sued President Mugabe compelling him to set the date for the election. The majority ruled in favour of Mawarire’s application, which ensured that elections were held by July 31 2013. Justice Malaba was one of only two dissenters together with Justice Patel.

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