Five things you probably did not know or have forgotten about candidate for CJ, George Chiweshe

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  1. George Chiweshe left his legal studies at the then University of Rhodesia to become a ZANLA combatant, where he achieved the rank of Detachment Political Commissar.
  2. George Chiweshe’s nom de guerre during the Liberation War was Cde Yasser Arafat.
  3. During the Second Chimurenga, Chiweshe was a deputy to the current head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantine Chiwenga.
  4. Chiweshe was appointed Chairperson of the Delimitation Commission of 2004 with responsibilities for drawing up electoral constituencies. The opposition parties complained that constituencies were redrawn to favour ZANU PF, by increasing rural constituencies where ZANU PF is stronger and reducing urban constituencies, where opposition parties are traditionally stronger.
  5. Under Chiweshe, ZEC failed to produce the results of the 2008 presidential election for a record period of six weeks. ZEC claimi it was conducting “meticulous verification” of the results but critics accused the ruling Zanu-PF team of fiddling with and fixing the results to give the defeated Mugabe another chance through a presidential run-off election

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