Jestina Mukoko refuses $30 000 compensation offer for kidnapping and torture

Posted by Maveriq

Human rights activist, Jestina Mukoko, has refused the state’s offer  of $30 000.  The money is compensation for Mukoko’s torture and kidnapping in 2008.  Mukoko filed a $220 000 lawsuit against 4 cabinet ministers.  The State felt that $220  000, was too much and made a counter offer of $30  000.  The state does not usually make such offers.

However, Mukoko’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa turned down the offer saying:

We have rejected this amount on the basis that the case they are relying on merely involved an unlawful arrest and detention and did not involve criminal abduction, torture over a three week period by State actors in what was an arranged and coordinated state abuse of power.

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