Minister proposes new traffic fines for 2017

Posted by Tayana

In his 2017 budget, Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa proposed new traffic fines for 2017.

The current standard fines are as follows:

Level 1 • Driving a vehicle without windscreen wiper; • Driving without head or side lights; $5

Level 2 • Cutting corners when turning right; • Failure to signal when slowing down, stopping or turning; $10

Level 3 • Proceeding against a red robot; • Overtaking over solid line; • Non-functional foot brake; $20

Chinamasa proposes that fines increase with effect from January 2017. He proposes that fines for Level 1 offences increase from $5 to $10, Level 2 from $10 to $15 and Level 3 from $20 to $30. Chinamasa’s reason for an increase in traffic fines is that most of the accidents in the country’s roads are a result of human error arising from failure to observe road traffic regulations which is worsened by non-deterrent fines.



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