Pure Oil asks Govt for farm to produce soya beans

Posted by Tayana

After a tour on Thursday of Pure Oil, Trade Kings and Chloride, head of operations, Ron Musiiwa, revealed that Pure Oil Industries which is a 40 percent associate company of National Foods Limited, has asked Government to provide 150 000 hectares of farmland to enable the company to produce soya beans. The company said it had identified farmers to be supported under contract farming, with a total 2 000 ha expected to be put under the soya bean crop this season. An estimated $2 million will be invested in equipping and capacitating contracted farmers.

Pure Oil Industries accounts for 70 percent of Zimbabwe’s monthly cooking oil requirements amounting to 10 million litres, but relies on crude imports to meet its production needs. The company which is operating at 40 percent of crushing capacity and 85 percent processing potential, commands the largest local market for cooking oil at 60 percent. Cooking oil imports commanded 85 percent of the market before their share drastically fell after Government introduced import tariffs regimes and import duties.



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