No copying Angola or Gambia, Mugabe is staying: Charamba

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Presidential spokesperson  George Charamba has refuted suggestions that President Mugabe could step down.  He insisted that there are no lessons to be learned or adopted from Angola or the Gambia. Charamba also insisted that Mugabe will run for office in the 2018 Presidential elections.

Charamba said:

Why do you think democracy works on copying a neighbour’s example? Suddenly, we are abandoning our systems of democracy to encourage the president to admire a neighbouring State?

The principle of democracy goes by winning the ballot and the majority voted for him (Mugabe) to be president. The Angolan experience is not a rule book.

The president is being nominated unanimously in all provinces and we are going to have a Zanu PF …Mugabe candidature for the 2018 elections and we will win resoundingly.

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