Shinsoman apologises for wearing “Marijiuana outfit” at Miss Tourism Zimbabwe

Zimdancehall star Shinsoman has apologized for wearing an outfit decorated with the marijuana plant  at the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finals.  The first lady Grace Mugabe was one of the guests at the function.

Shinsoman’s manager  Peter Chiyangwa said:

The outfit was not appropriate for the event. It was an error on our part and we apologise for that as we didn’t realise that the First Lady would be there.

It was probably the excitement of being called to perform at such a great event so we wanted to look extraordinary.

Those Jamaican people whom we draw inspiration from smoke ganja and so forth so we just thought of wearing the ganja suit as a symbol that we also believe that ragga originated from the smoking of ganja.

Shinsoman personally doesn’t smoke ganja, it’s just an outfit as he wanted to look unique

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