Disillusioned Zanu PF youths threaten fresh farms

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Zanu PF youths who feel disillusioned about the land redistribution system which they feel only benefits senior party leaders have threatened to allocate land to themselves by staging  fresh farm invasions.  The youths feel that they were used and later tossed aside.

Manicaland youths chairperson, Mubuso Chinguno, addressing youths at  a Provincial Youths Inter District Conference said:

We appeal to the leadership to allocate the youths their stands before we go to Masvingo conference. I am being questioned everyday on social media on the issue to do with the allocation of stands. Some of the youths are even thinking they were duped and this was just a political gimmick. Some are saying the stands were sold long back and, as executive, we are being blamed left, right and centre.

Every year we are requesting the party to allocate us farms but it looks its becoming more of Mai Chisamba or Oprah Winfrey talk shows. This has become a talk shop and our resolution as youths this year is to be allocated all the farms that were left during the land reform programme.

These are the same youths who helped the same chefs who are neglecting them to invade land during land reform programme and were dragged to courts of law. These are the same youths who made noises at gates of commercial farms during land grab but they have nothing to show for it.

Our resolution is that all the farms that were not invaded during the land reform programme should be allocated to youths. We know there are some politburo, central committee members and ministers who have vast tracks of underutilized land.

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