Couple convicted for stealing $6 000

Posted by Tayana

Heather Mhishi and her husband  Eddison Mangwende were sentenced to 34 months in jail for $6 000 from her employer, Mary Madzima.

Madzima trusted Mhishi to an extent of giving her the card to do shopping on her behalf. Mhishi later stole the card and gave it to her husband, together with the personal identification number (PIN number). The husband then withdrew $6 000 on separate occasions.

Magistrate Ms Tilda Mazhande sentenced the couple to 34 months in jail. She suspended 18 months on condition the couple restitutes Madzima. She further set aside 10 months on condition the pair performs 350 hours of community service. The remaining six months were suspended on condition of good behaviour. The couple was charged with two accomplices who were found not guilty.

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